Wed. May 22nd, 2019

Photos: Kenya Held The First East African Albino Beauty Pageant

Thirty contestants from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda took part in the first Mr. and Mrs. Albinism East Africa pageant in Nairobi, Kenya, on Friday to encourage confidence and inclusion for people with albinism. People with albinism, a rare, noncontagious, genetically inherited condition that leads to a lack of pigmentation, often face discrimination, violence and sometimes even murder in Africa due to a belief that they possess magical powers. This belief has led to the killing of people with albinism for their body parts, as well as for the exact opposite reason — because they are presumed to be cursed and bring bad luck. “People with albinism are people like any other, and for sure we are also beautiful,” the event’s organizer, Isaac Mwaura, who is Kenya’s first albino legislator, told the AP.

See more photos below:


redit: 🙌 (📸: AP)

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